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Pregnant Woman

Stress Less, Pregnant Mom


Trimester-specific checklists provide you with a clear roadmap for an organized pregnancy. From keeping you on top of your tasks, appointments, and baby-related preparations, you'll always feel prepared. 


Essential worksheets will provide a structured approach to planning for labor, postpartum, and the mental load of motherhood, ensuring a well-prepared and confident transition from bump to baby.

Must-Know Info

Cutting through the clutter, you will learn the most relevant and important information about pregnancy, mental health, and the newborn stage to make informed decisions, maintain mental well-being, and effectively navigate challenges as they arise.

Week-by-Week Countdown to Baby Checklist      Questions to Ask at the First OB/GYN Appointment       Food + Drinks to Avoid      Baby Registry Checklist      Questions to Ask a Potential Doula      Hospital Bag Checklist     Kick Counter Fetal Movement Log      Quick Ways to Calm Down in an Anxious Moment      Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Information and Resources      Emergency Information to Leave with a Caregiver      Questions to Ask a Potential Pediatrician     & Much More

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